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#StaplefordRemembers Poppy Appeal.

16th July 2019 #StaplefordRemembers, Stapleford Community Group, Stapleford Remembers, Upcoming Events Tags: 0 Comments

Following the success of the #StaplefordRemembers Poppy Appeal last year it is that time of the year once again.

We are sure you would like to see Stapleford having the Poppies up again on the Lampposts on the main roads in Stapleford.

Well after speaking to the Poppy Appeal organisation they have agreed to let us purchase in bulk as we did last year.

So for each £3 raised we can purchase one event poppy and with the help and support of volunteers we will be able to get them up in plenty of time for November.

The Silent Soldiers will also be put up again as they are currently in safe storage.

Nottinghamshire County Council have given us permission to put them up as long as we stick to the guide lines given.

There are some Poppies left from last year but many got damaged so whist we will try and use as many as possible they may have to be used for a different display.

You can make a donation by clicking here or you can make a donation in cash for those who don’t use online payment methods and we will issue you with a receipt.


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