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Planters At The Roach, Can You Help.

17th July 2019 Help & Advice, Stapleford Community Group, Upcoming Events Tags: 2 Comments

Any gardening experts out there fancy offering some help and advice on what to do with the two planters at The Roach?


We have contacted Nottinghamshire County Council and asked can the two Benches either be repaired or replaced as the coating is coming off and they are rusty, several people have damaged items of clothing which has caught on them.

There is lots of bulbs planted and the Tulips and Poppies when they flower look so nice and bright, but what can be done the rest of the time to bring some colour to the area?

In the past we had help and support from a volunteer from Dig-In Community Allotment and we all decided to leave the middle area to grow wild for the wildlife, around the edges we planted Heather and other flowers, sadly all of the Heather has been stolen.

It seems no sooner than we do the weeding they appear again.

When we go down to clear up we spend time picking out empty packets of crisps and disregarded cigarettes and empty lighters.

It would be great to have some colour around the edges.

We did last year put lots of wildflower seeds in but they didn’t take.

Is there anyone out there that has an idea we could try?

Is there anyone out there that can offer some time to come and help with a bit of weeding and a general tidy up?

Please email us at with your idea and we can meet up in the Summer Holidays and see what we can come up with.


  1. Jo Brown 2 years Reply

    I love gardening and dont mind helping clear the weeds and replanting if i’m not working. Please let me know when i’m needed. Maybe the two local garden centres might donate a couple of shrubs and have a planter each one with ‘donated from bardills garden centre ‘ with an arrow pointing up toton lane and the other from ‘trowel garden centre ‘ with the arrow pointing towards church street….. just a thought ?
    They get free advertising and we’d get free shrubs??

    • Ann 2 years Reply

      To Jo Brown….I think that’s an excellent idea. Maybe the garden centre can also advise on the best hardy shrubs to plant.

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