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Stapleford Planters, Thanks To Lidl In Sandiacre.

22nd July 2019 #StaplefordFoodProject, Dig-in Community Allotment, Local Businesses, Stapleford Community Group, The Helpful Bureau Tags: , 2 Comments

Thanks to Lidl in Sandiacre for the amazing donation of plants today which have been used to brighten up the planters at The Roach.


Volunteers gathered earlier this evening to firstly weed the two planters then put the plants in.

Thanks to Larry’s for not only supplying the cold drinks on this hot day but also supplying the water once the plants had been put in.

We have always been about ‘Bringing Unity To The Community’ and what better way to do that than organising a volunteering session to bring some brightness to The Roach area.

Volunteers joined members of Stapleford Community Group from Dig-in Community Allotment, The Helpful Bureau and newly elected Town Councillors from the Labour and the Liberal Democrats as well as our Independent Councillor.

Showing that by working together what good can be done for our great town.

The video we have posted starts with the before pictures then moves on to the donation from Lidl then finishes with the planters as they are now.

We are sure you will join us in thanking everyone who gave up some time to do this especially on such a hot evening.


  1. Ann 2 years Reply

    Well done to all involved and it made sense to do it later in the day when the extreme heat is passing. Less distressing for the plants too!

  2. Mrs Lynn Appleton 2 years Reply

    That’s lovely! Thanks to all involved!

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