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Trade Waste With Broxtowe Borough Council

7th August 2019 Broxtowe Borough Council, Help & Advice, Local Businesses Tags: 0 Comments

Broxtowe Borough Council provide a chargeable residual Trade Waste Collection Service for all businesses and commercial premises situated within the Borough.

This service will provide users with:

A guaranteed same day weekly collection

Fortnightly trade waste recycling collection which is provided free of charge

Easy to maintain containers in a variety of sizes

Free advice regarding waste collection and disposal

Compliance with Duty of Care requirements

Free glass collections

A Trade Waste Agreement will have to be signed along with a Waste Transfer Note which will need renewing annually, this will be issued with the invoice in April.

The cost of the service

The weekly charge for each of our containers is shown below. These charges include all collection, disposal costs, and duty of care certification.

Trade Waste Container Costs

How to pay

Direct debit (Bank or building society accounts)

This is the quickest and easiest way to pay. In April you will be sent an invoice and statement of accounts for 10 monthly direct debit payments (usually from April to January). Payment is taken on the 15th of the month. To set up your direct debit, you can print an instruction which can be completed and returned by post. Click on Documents below to open the direct debit document.


Or use the bi-annual payment system that operates with invoicing occurring in April and October each year.

If you prefer, phone Customer Services to arrange a visit from an officer who can arrange either of the above for you.

Guidelines on the use of our service

  • Commercial wheeled containers remain the property of Broxtowe Borough Council.

  • All containers should be stored off street in a secure location

  • All refuse should be contained within the container and the lid closed prior to collection

  • For collection purposes all containers should be placed at the boundary of your property by 6.30am on the morning of your collection day

  • Please return your container to the normal storage area as soon as practicable after emptying

  • Side waste will not be taken under any circumstances. If you are unable to contain your waste within the bin provided, additional containers may be required

Extra collections

Should a additional collection be required in a specified week this can be arranged at a further cost.

How do I cancel the agreement?

To cancel the agreement we need 28 days written notice, an officer will contact you to confirm termination of the agreement and to assemble any feedback on the service. Containers will also be collected at the end of the agreement.

Alterations to agreed collections

If you need to make any alteration to the agreement a new Trade Waste Agreement will need to be issued, arrangements will be made for an officer to visit the contract holder to obtain a signature. If more bins are needed or bins need to be collected this will be completed within 5 working days.

tel: 0115 917 7777

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