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#StaplefordFoodProject Community Food Planters.

7th September 2019 #StaplefordFoodProject, Stapleford Community Group, Stapleford Youth Club, The Haven Tags: 0 Comments

As part of the #StaplefordFoodProject we are going to be putting some planters in Stapleford at three locations.


We are looking at a local Nursery, Stapleford Youth Club and The Haven Centre.

The three planters will be used to grow various food which it is planned will then be used for making meals, so once set up they become sustainable.

We are also working to support a Social Eating experience which will bring people together and provide a cheap meal and help with loneliness, this will be supplied by food collected from local supermarkets and eventually food that is grown in the planters.

Over the summer holiday the #StaplefordFoodProject has seen Holiday Hunger clubs taking place as well as kids cooking at the local youth club. We want to expand on this and by organising these planters we know that the project can continue to grow.

What better way to help with Bringing Unity To The Community than with food.

We will give updates once the planters hhave been finalised.

You can help to support the #StaplefordFoodProject by clicking the link to make a donation, this will help enable the collection of food and other related ideas,

The picture attached is an idea of what the planters could look like, not one from the actual project.

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