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#StaplefordFoodProject, Update On What We Have Been Doing.

11th September 2019 #StaplefordFoodProject, Stapleford Community Group, Surplus Food Donations Tags: 1 Comment

We just wanted to give an update on what we have been doing with regards the #StaplefordFoodProject.

The #StaplefordFoodProject has now collected and donated the following amounts of surplus food:

Tesco : 11870
Lidl & Aldi: 13200
Coop: unrecorded amount.
Giving a total of over 25,070 equivalent meals.
We have already signed up with the Stapleford Aldi and will be collecting once they open. More stores are also coming forward and asking us to collect from them too.
The food has been donated to the following places:
The Church at Montrose Court
The Helpful Bureau
Early Years Daycare
Sparkle Daycare
Rockwell, Guterslough and Westbourne Courts
Stapleford Youth Club
The Haven Centre
St. Helen’s Church Friendship Club
The Big Kirk Hallam Community Centre
Ilkeston Arena Community Foodbank
Tracy’s Street Kitchen
WalkersNotts Street Kitchen
We have also delivered hampers to residents in Stapleford, Chilwell and Barton In Fabis.
During the summer holidays the Holiday Hunger sessions took place at The Haven Centre which also involved South Broxtowe Childrens Centre.
We also supplied food to Stapleford Youth Club to support the Wednesday evening Food Sessions which saw local youngsters making meals, this is currently carrying on as it has been a huge success.
The next part of the #StaplefordFoodProject is to put Community Planters at a local Nursery, Stapleford Youth Club and The Haven Centre. These locations have all been measured and will be ordered asap.

You can support the #StaplefordFoodProject by making a donation here:

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  1. Ann Parker 2 years Reply

    Very well done! Amazing

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