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Preparing For Remembrance Day as #StaplefordRemembers

20th October 2019 #StaplefordRemembers, Stapleford Combined Services, Stapleford Community Group, Upcoming Events Tags: , , 2 Comments

Thank you to the volunteers who today have put the Poppies and Silent Soldiers up in Stapleford as #StaplefordRemembers ahead of Remembrance Day.

Members John and Brian of the Stapleford Combined Services putting up Silent Soldiers in the Walter Parker VC Memorial Square. Whilst Councillor Richard MacRae, Councillor Tim Hallam and Councillor Pip Hallam-Davis put up Poppies along Derby Road also helped by Maggie, Brain and John.

We would like to thank Nottinghamshire County Council for giving us permission to put up the Poppies, these will be removed within two weeks of Remembrance Day.

Back row:

Councillor John McGrath

Brian Leek

Councillor Richard MacRae

Front row:

Councillor Pip Hallam-Davis

Councillor Tim Hallam

John Harrison

#StaplefordRemembers was set up as an umbrella group to Stapleford Community Group to bring together groups, organisations and individuals throughout Stapleford and are already planning events to take place in 2020 for both #StaplefordRemembers the 75th Anniversary of VE Day and also #StaplefordRemembers the 75th Anniversary of VJ Day and are looking forward to working with as many others throughout Stapleford to put these events on. We will update with more details as they are finalised.


  1. Ann Parker 2 years Reply

    Thank you for your efforts. As this particular event if local to Stapleford, as are those who have fixed the soldiers and the poppies I don’t see why you need ‘permission’ from the county. The county does not seem to do a lot.

  2. Steve 2 years Reply

    The County is responcible for street lighting
    The poppies ans silent soldiers are fixed to the lamp posts. Rediculuos bureaucracy biy that’s the way it goes.

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