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Please Support Stapleford Community Group In What We Do.

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Stapleford Community Group has been selected as a Co-op Good Cause for the next 12 months. This means the Co-op will donate money to us each time a Co-op member buys own brand goods.

BUT for this to happen Co-op members have to select Stapleford Community Group as their local charity.

If you’re a Co-op member it costs absolutely nothing to do this and would make a massive difference to us.

You can choose us by logging in here – then choose to see all local causes.

Select Stapleford Community Group and then enjoy the satisfaction in knowing you’ve made a difference!

Thank you!

#StaplefordJobFair now organising our 17th Job Fair in Stapleford helping 100s of people with work and training.

#StaplefordFoodProject over 28,000 equivalent meals of surplus food donations handed out.

#StaplefordRemembers organised events in 2014, 2018 and getting ready for 2020.

Just a snap shot of what we do.

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