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Broxtowe Green Party Kat Boettge Press release

12th November 2019 General Election December 2019, Green Party Tags: 0 Comments

Broxtowe’s main pro-remain candidate, Kat Boettge, Green Party.

Due to our very undemocratic first past the post (FPTP) system the Green Party, Liberal democrats and Plaid Cymru have agreed not to oppose each other in certain constituencies. This is because under the FPTP system, the hypothetical situation can occur where a party gets 49% of all votes cast nationally and still not get a single seat – how unfair and undemocratic is that? Sadly, but not surprisingly, the two main parties do not want to change to proportional representation (PR) as it would challenge their dominance. Therefore the Green Party has taken the pragmatic approach, along with parties sharing similar values, to stand aside and allow the more likely candidate a greater chance of representing their constituency.

In 2017 the Green Party (and others) stood down in some constituencies to help Labour to beat the Tories. The Green Party will put party politics aside for the greater good for the right candidate even though Labour choose not to return the “favour”, and campaigned heavily against our Green MP Caroline Lucas.

My personal view is that the Green Party should only make these agreements with other parties if we have similar values and these arrangements are reciprocated to ensure that all parties involved have fair representation.

In local elections the Green Party agreed with the Liberal democrats to stand aside for each other as we share many local views. I am delighted that Nationally, based on our shared desire to remain in the UK, we have been able to continue in this way. However, here in Broxtowe the Green Party could never stand down for Anna Soubry as we differ significantly on so many issues, particularly regarding climate change. I personally respect and like Anna – particularly her strong stance on remain.

Indeed we campaigned to remain “hand in hand” during the referendum campaign. I also respect Liberal democrat candidate Tim Hallam’s decision to stand down for the greater good on this issue.

Considering it is a Brexit election and the European Election results for Broxtowe, I am now the strongest remain candidate as well as the most dedicated to avoiding a climate catastrophe. We beat Change UK, Conservatives and Labour in
Broxtowe. If you are pro remain, concerned about the climate emergency and want a reform of our voting system (moving away from the two party system, which caused this constitutional crisis) then vote for me Kat Boettge, your Green Party candidate for Broxtowe.

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