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Hustings In Stapleford For The Candidates Standing In The General Election For Broxtowe Borough.

3rd December 2019 General Election December 2019, Stapleford Community Group, Upcoming Events Tags: 0 Comments

Firstly thank you to everyone who joined in and watched the live stream of the Hustings on our Facebook Page and submitting the questions.

3.6 thousand views so far of the Live Stream which was recorded at the New Stapleford Community Centre earlier this evening.

(L to R).

Greg Marshall Labour

David Basford, Stapleford Inspire Magazine. (Read out the questions)

Kat Boettege Green Party

Anna Soubry Independent For Change

Richard MacRae Chairman of Stapleford Community Group

Darren Henry Conservatives

Thank you to all the candidates who gave up the evening to attend.

The format of the Hustings was agreed by all prior to the live stream.

Questions were taken randomly by David Basford as they were submitted to people watching.

We hope you enjoyed watching and for those who missed the live stream we have uploads the full video here and hope it helps you as you decide who to vote for on Thursday 12th December.

Thank you once again.

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