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Thank You For Supporting Us In 2019

31st December 2019 Stapleford Community Group Tags: 0 Comments

As 2019 is coming to a close we just wanted to say a massive thank you to all the volunteers who have helped us during 2019.

The amount of people who have given up time to help has been absolutely amazing.

From the Planters in Stapleford to Litter Picks, putting up Poppies and taking them down again. To the #StaplefordFoodProject which has become such a massive project and the help collecting, sorting and distributing the food has been bigger than anyone could have imagined.

We have worked with and been supported by many other groups, organisations and individuals with getting clothing and footwear to those in desperate need.

More job fairs, bringing the total to 16 now, we are currently organising number 17. Which have helped 100s of people into work, training or further education. We even helped Aldi with the recruitment of staff at the new store.

The bus trips have been very successful and always prove very popular.

The Window Competitions have always been great fun and each one is judged by a different person.

Again a great big thank you to everyone who has helped and we always said that Stapleford Community Group was set up for Bringing Unity To The Community and we are sure you will agree we have done that in 2019.

2020 we have some great ideas planned and look forward to working with as many people as possible to make these happen.

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