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Inspector Simon Riley’s Blog: January 2020

2nd February 2020 Inspector Simon Riley's Blog, Police Alerts, Update & Messages. Tags: 0 Comments

Welcome to January’s blog – and a belated ‘Happy New Year’ to everyone. 

I’m going to kick off this month’s blog with some good news in relation to 2 robberies in Eastwood on 27/28th December. Thanks to some excellent proactive work and local knowledge from Sgt Andy Browning’s NPT at Eastwood, supported by some sterling detective work from DS Charlotte Henson’s CID team, a 32 year old male was charged with both offences and remanded to prison. As with all crimes of this nature, the impact on victims was signifcant and it’s pleasing to have the offender on remand before he could offend again.


Burglary Dwelling

All dwelling house burglaries have been subject to NPT revisits, with reassurance and crime prevention advice being given. There have not been any particular patterns or areas hit since the priority was set but the team have been on high visibility patrols as much as possible to deter offences.

Year to date burglary figures are showing a 36.6% decrease, which equates to 133 fewer dwellings burgled than the same period the previous year. All burglary is down by 31.4% or 214 offences for the same period. This shows that our prioritisation of burglary across the NPT is working. 

ASB, Including Local Drugs Issues

A number of warrants have been executed with successful results.

Bids have been made to the council to put funding into lighting and CCTV in the areas in which the ASB has been taking place. This is still a piece of work in progress but it is inevitably subject to existing and available budgets.

Meetings have been held with allotment holders in Chilwell West to offer crime prevention advice.

We have made visits to schools to speak to young people about the consequences of behaviour such as Hotspot patrols will continue in the Chilwell West and Eastwood South areas. As a result of targetted patrols for ASB, a number of prolific shoplifters have been caught leading to a reduction over the past month in shop thefts

Off Road Motorcycling

Police off road bikes have been deployed on a couple of occasions across the borough and we will continue to ask for them to be tasked when they are available to us. As previously explained, this is a force resource and we have to compete with other areas for their deployment into operations on Broxtowe.

The problem of illegal / anti-social off-road motorcycling is a force-wide issue, so we have to bid for their deployments several weeks in advance meaning they are not always available to us and certainly not every weekend. Where the off road team is not available, we will endeavour to provide as much high visibility patrolling as we can alongside other priorities, to try and deter gatherings in identified hotspots. We are also considering other tactical options available to us to compliment the off road team and hi vis patrols.

Liaison continues with County and borough councils exploring the environmental features of the off road hotspots to try and designing-out the aspects which make them so appealing.


The latest Local Policing Priority Setting Meeting was held on 15th January to determine the priorities for the next 3 months. Our priorities remain the same and we are utilising problem solving methodology to tackle the issues raised in the priorities.


You may have seen recent press releases outlinging that Nottinghamshire Police now has it’s own Drone team, which is available across the force to suport local and specialist policing, both i responding to high risk incidents and also in support of operations. We recently, successfully deployed a drone operated by the new team in support of an operation tackling nuisance off-road motorcycling – with great success. One of the chief trainers for the drone team, PC Vince Saunders, is a Response officer based at Eastwood, so it’s really pleasing to know that we have that level of expertise locally for when we are able to draw on this 21st century tactical option. We will be using it again in support of our efforts to tackle the local priorities


I am pleased to anounce that Pc Dean Bardill has now joined the neighbourhoods team at Broxtowe South and will provide us with some much-needed extra resilience. Dean may be known to some of you as he has previously been on the Response teams at Beeston and Eastwood and prior to becoming a police constable, was a PCSO based at Eastwood. It’s fair to say that Dean brings a wealth of local knowledge and neighbourhoods experience to the team and we are really pleased to have him on board.

Equally pleasing was being able to welcome back 2 of our longest serving team members this month, following a period of time away from us. Pc Sarah Warren and PCSO Paula Hipkiss are now back with us and steadily reintegrating with their roles.  They have both been missed whilst they’ve been off, so it’s fantastic to have them both back at work. 

At the other side of the staff move spectrum though, we said goodbye to Eastwood PCSO Gaby Slaney, last month. Gaby has left us to become a police constable in Leicestershire police and we all wish her the very best in her new career.

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