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Update On The #StaplefordFoodProject

9th February 2020 #StaplefordFoodProject, Help & Advice, Local Businesses, Stapleford Community Group, Surplus Food Donations Tags: 0 Comments

With over 41,000 equivalent meals of surplus food donations being handed out we wanted to give a quick update.

The majority of the food we are donated comes from Aldi, Lidl, The Coop, Asda and Tesco.

We also receive kind donations from many people and businesses who support what we do as well.

The donations are then taken to various places in Stapleford such as The Church at Montrose Court, Sparkle Daycare Nursery, Early Years Daycare Nursery, these are then handed out to people who go to these locations around Stapleford.

We have also taken donations to The Salvation Army and given out to people in need.

Many donations on a Thursday go to The Helpful Bureau who put on a weekly meal at St Helens Church Hall, every second Wednesday if we have anything suitable it goes to the Friendship Club also held at the St Helens Church Hall.

Again depending on what we have donated we at times take food to the Independent Living Schemes, Rockwell Court, Guterslough Court and Westbourne Court.

Each week as part of the #StaplefordFoodProject we donate food items to the Stapleford Youth Club which in turn is either taken home by the youngsters or used to make meals, this often happens on a Friday as well.

We support the three foodbanks in Stapleford, The Church at Montrose Court, The Haven Centre and Broxtowe Youth Homelessness.

We also support the Bilborough Foodbank and the Ilkeston Arena Community Foodbank. These are both attended by people from Stapleford. Either as volunteers or attending for help and support.

There have been many occasions when we have pulled up on Derby Road in Stapleford and handed items out to people as well, especially when we are donated flowers.

Donations have been taken to St Anns as we support the amazing Chayah Development Project, to people in Clifton, Long Eaton, Ilkeston, Barton in Fabis, Beeston, Chilwell and Bramcote to name a few places.

Many donations are collected by various people and at times have gone to Nottingham to help the Street Kitchens and also over to Derby to help the Street Kitchens there too.

We have been offered the opportunity to collect donations over the weekend and did put a call out asking if anyone knows where this can be dropped off in Stapleford for people to collect unfortunately we got no response to this request. If anyone can help then please let us know.

All the places we work with are well attended and in turn help us to reach many people at a time in need.

Many people contact us as they either know a family in need or in fact need a hand themselves and can’t get to collect, we have delivered 100s of hampers of donations to these people, we have also had people collect and take it to others.

The #StaplefordFoodProject is much more than food and by working with the likes of Sharewear Clothing Scheme and Shoe Aid we have been able to not only get clothing and footwear to help people out but we have also been donated items which in turn we have passed on to these two groups to help others.

Next month we will be putting three Community Planters in Stapleford, one at Early Years Daycare, one at Stapleford Youth Club and one at The Haven Centre, these will be used to grow food which in turn will be used to create meals for people from what grows. Again this is all part of the #StaplefordFoodProject.

Near to the time we will be putting a call put for volunteers to help with this.

We are also talking with Pulp Friction to put on another Social Eating Meal and once it has all been finalised we will let you know. The last one we did was a huge success.

During past School Holidays the Holiday Hunger Project which again was part of the #StaplefordFoodProject saw Sure Start Children’s Centre working alongside The Haven Centre to bring healthy meals and fun and educational activities to local people, these were also a great success and attended by many.

If you are able to make a donation to help us carry on doing what we are doing then please use the link below.

If you shop at The Coop don’t forget to support us in what we do.

Or you could take part in the Broxtowe Lotto and support us.

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