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Stapleford By Election Results

13th February 2020 Stapleford Town Council, Uncategorised Tags: 2 Comments

We have just had the results of the By Election For The Stapleford South West Ward for Stapleford Town Council.

561 votes were recieved.

Ross Bofinger, Labour recieved 338 votes.

Kashmir Purewal, Conservative recieved 172 votes.

Neil Humphrey known as English Independence, English Independence recieved 49 votes.

Ross Bofinger was duly elected the winner of this By Election.


  1. Ann Parker 2 years Reply

    Good. Sorry I forgot to go but I would have voted for Bofinger anyway

  2. English independence 2 years Reply

    Nearly 9% for an English party is fantastic in an election that would mean that for a parliamentary constituency you return your deposit. That’s great news. If there was a Lib Dem candidate, they probably got about the same

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