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News from Darren Henry MP – 14 February 2020

15th February 2020 Darren Henry MP, Updates from Politicians Tags: 2 Comments

Conservatives delivering on their commitment to level up infrastructure

  • Conservatives giving green light to HS2, boosting rail capacity, connectivity and cutting journey times.
  • Work to begin on an integrated rail plan for the North – bringing together HS2, Northern Powerhouse Rail and local rail projects – under ‘High Speed North’ project.
  • Conservatives to spend £5 billion overhauling bus services and cycle links for every region in London outside of London.

Darren Henry has welcomed the Prime Minister’s green light for HS2, which will benefit individuals and businesses across Broxtowe, alongside a huge investment in local transport.

After careful consideration of an independent review into the project, the Conservative Government has given the go-ahead to the full HS2 project, which will become the spine of the UK’s transport network, boosting rail capacity, increasing connectivity and cutting journey times. The review, led by Douglas Oakervee, left no doubt of the clinching case for HS2.

As well as significantly increasing capacity on our congested railways, generating jobs and economic growth and attracting investment to regions around the UK, HS2 stands to significantly benefit the East Midlands, including local plans to make the most of HS2 which could create 74,000 jobs for the region.

Alongside the go-ahead for HS2, the Prime Minster announced the Conservatives will invest £5 billion of new money to overhaul buses and cycling over the next five years. The funding will be used to:

  • Create more frequent bus services, including more ‘turn up and go’ routes where, thanks to higher frequency, people won’t have to rely on timetables to plan journeys.
  • Fund 4,000 new zero emission buses.
  • Build over 250 miles of new, high-quality cycle routes in town and cities across England.

Darren Henry has pledged to campaign to ensure that Broxtowe benefits from this investment in local transport.

Commenting, Darren Henry said:

“Decent, fast and reliable transport is vital to help people get to work, visit family and friends, and access public services.

“While HS2 will bring investment, jobs and new opportunities to Broxtowe, I am thrilled that the Prime Minister has recognised that it should not come at the expense of local transport services. Taken together, this week’s transport announcements will make a real difference to people’s lives in Broxtowe as the East Midlands HS2 Hub will be right here in Toton – and I will do all I can to make sure we can enjoy the opportunities and benefits.

“During the election, the Conservatives made a commitment to level up transport across the country, and we are now delivering on these promises to the British people.”

  • Ending the mismanagement of the project and bringing costs under control. We will appoint a minister whose full-time job will be to oversee the project, require regular progress reports to Parliament to improve transparency, and change the way HS2 Ltd – the company running the project – is managed, to ensure better value for money and on time delivery (Prime Minister’s Office, Press Release, 11 February 2020, link).
  • Working closely with northern leaders to design an integrated plan for rail in the North, bringing HS2, Northern Powerhouse Rail and other local rail schemes under a single project. Our integrated plan will look at how we can best design and integrate rail investments across the North and we will start treating northern rail projects as part of one, integrated masterplan – ‘High Speed North’ (Prime Minister’s Office, Press Release, 11 February 2020, link).

HS2 will bring benefits across the country:

Significantly increase capacity on our congested railways. The new HS2 trains will carry over 300,000 people a day and will triple seats available out of Euston at peak hours, creating much needed capacity on other lines (DfT, Speech on HS2, 22 June 2017, link).

  • Generating jobs, skills and economic growth.HS2 will create around 30,000 jobs during construction and 2,000 apprenticeships. It will support growth in the wider economy, worth an additional 100,000 jobs (DfT, News story, 23 May 2019, link).
  • Attracting investment and levelling up towns and cities across the country. Since HS2 was announced, new records have been set in Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds for building things like offices, homes and hotel rooms (HS2, Investing in our economy, accessed 11 February 2020, link).
  • Backing British businesses to boost our economy.  Over 2,000 firms across the UK now have contracts with HS2, 70 per cent of them SMEs and 98 per cent of them British. 9,000 jobs around the UK are now supported by the delivery of HS2, as work is well underway across 250 work sites (DfT, News story, 23 May 2019, link).
  • Directly connecting 8 of 10 of Britain’s largest cities. HS2 trains will serve over 25 stations and connect with Northern Powerhouse Rail and Midlands Rail Hub (HS2, accessed 11 February 2020, link).
  • Reducing carbon emissions and helping us move towards our Net Zero target. HS2’s long distance journeys will provide a low carbon alternative to the car or plane. As electricity generation decarbonises, HS2 journeys will become progressively low carbon. In the future, with electricity generation fully decarbonised, using HS2 will be fully zero carbon (HS2, accessed 11 February 2020, link).

We are levelling up local transport:

  • Investing £5 billion to level up local transport connections throughout the country, making every day journeys easier, greener and more convenient. We will invest £5 billion of new funding to overhaul bus and cycle links for every region outside London over the next five years (Prime Minister’s Office, Press Release, 10 February 2020, link).
  • Making buses more convenient and reliable to use for the people who rely on them to get to work, visit friends and access vital public services. As part of our £5 billion investment, we will create more frequent services, including more ‘turn up and go’ routes where, thanks to higher frequency, people won’t have to rely on timetables to plan journeys (Prime Minister’s Office, Press Release, 10 February 2020, link).
  • Getting 4,000 new zero emissions buses on to the roads, helping to clean up the air we all breathe. As part of our £5 billion investment, we will put 4,000 zero emission buses on the roads, building on our plans to create the UKs first all-electric bus town – which we’ve backed with £50 million (Prime Minister’s Office, Press Release, 10 February 2020, link).
  • Boosting cycling across the country, transforming town centres, cleaning up the air and helping to improve people’s health. As part of our £5 billion investment, we will build over 250 miles of new, high-quality cycle routes and safe junctions in towns and cities across England, and create new low-traffic neighbourhoods as part of our plan to double cycling by 2025 (Prime Minister’s Office, Press Release, 10 February 2020, link).


  1. Ann Parker 2 years Reply

    Thank you very much. Pleased to hear about the buses. Might even be able to get from here to Wollaton!
    As for improvements generally. This is the hottest year on record, probably ever. Various news items to say so. Can all the government promises really happen in the face of Global warming?

  2. Ross 2 years Reply

    What is going to be done to reduce the environmental impact of building the HS2? No ancient woodland should be destroyed. Currently over 50 areas covering many hectares are under direct threat with many more threatened indirectly.

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