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Do You Have Any Floating Money With Energy Supplier EON?

22nd February 2020 Help & Advice Tags: 0 Comments

Do you use an EON Smart Meter?

You could also have some floating money that has not reached your Smart Meter.

If you use EON as your energy supplier and pay using the app on your phone there is a possibility that not all you have paid has actually reached your meter.

We have had reports that local residents who have called EON and asked to have the account checked have had money they have paid into the account for gas and electric which has been taken from the bank account but floating between the bank account and the meter, following the call the money has been added to the account as it should have been.

If you use them it is worth making that call as you have nothing to loose.

Let us know if this has helped in the comments as it would be good to hear from others who this effected.

Call them on 0345 052 0000 – Please have your log in details to hand when you call. 

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