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Building Community Planters In Stapleford As Part Of The #StaplefordFoodProject

7th March 2020 #StaplefordFoodProject, Early Years Daycare, Local Businesses, Stapleford Community Group, Stapleford Youth Club, The Haven Tags: , , , 0 Comments

Earlier today three Community Planters were built in Stapleford as part of the #StaplefordFoodProject.

The first one was built at the Stapleford Youth Club, this is approximately 1X2.5 metres.

The Second one was built at Early Years Daycare, this is approximately 1X2 metres.

The third one was built at The Haven Centre and is a massive 2X8 metres.

Thank you to all the volunteers who turned up at the three locations to help as we couldn’t have done this without your help.

The #StaplefordFoodProject has seen over 47,000 equivalent meals worth of surplus food donations collected and given to those in need.

It also saw Holiday Hunger Projects take place in the School Holidays in 2019 by supporting events at The Haven with the Sure Start South Broxtowe Children’s Centre and also at the Stapleford Youth Club.

The three planters will now be used to grow various food based plants which once grown will be turned into meals to benefit the community.

The Planters were purchased from and we got the Top Soil from who we would like to thank for the delivery they both made this morning.

We will be purchasing the items to grow once the three places let us know what they would like to grow, we will then look forward to seeing the food growing then being turned into meals to benefit the community.

Stapleford Community Group has always been about BRINGING UNITY TO THE COMMUNITY and what better way to do that by working with and supporting others and having food involved.

We have another location we would like to build another community planter and once this is all finalised we will of course let you know.

Once again a massive thank you to all the volunteers for giving up a Saturday to help.

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