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Drain filled with tarmac in area with ‘flooding issues’

10th March 2020 Councillor Richard MacRae, Latest News, Nottingham County Council Tags: , , 1 Comment

Amy Woodfield

BBC News

A councillor is trying to get a town centre drain unblocked after it was filled and covered with tarmac.

Independent Stapleford town councillor Richard MacRae told the BBC the drain on Derby Road was reported broken several months ago when the cover began lifting up and damaging passing vehicles.

He said workmen were deployed by Nottinghamshire County Council but instead of fixing the drain cover, it was filled with tarmac.

Mr MacRae said he reported it to the authority again but this resulted in the whole drain being covered in tarmac.

He wants the drain put back into use to help with “flooding issues” when it rains.

Jo Horton, from the county council, said the gully was filled with tarmac because it was found to be “not working as intended”.

Instead of being cleared, it’s going to be re-positioned at a date to be decided.

1 Comment

  1. Ann Parker 2 years Reply

    Well if the date to be decided depends on meetings round long tables and come back in 3 months, this could take at least another two years. Sorry Richard, I know you’re a good bloke, but Procedures still work on these archaic systems. And meanwhile it might rain again! The drain looks similar to one outside my house, but it probably isn’t. And whoever in their right mind thought that the way to repair a drain was to block it up? I suppose you can’t get the staff now

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