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Call To Action – Support Our Calling Tree Campaign

7th April 2020 NottsWatch, Police Alerts, Update & Messages. Tags: 0 Comments

At Neighbourhood Watch we are all too aware that supporting our neighbours and wider community who are not connected via the Internet or on social media through this pandemic is still a challenge for many.

However many of these people are reachable by phone.  Why not setup a calling tree in your area? It’s a positive way to support people and stay connected, particularly with those who are not online.

Neighbourhood Watch Central Support Team have produced a Calling Tree Campaign Pack to support everyone in England and Wales to be connected and not left alone. See attached.
Here is how a calling tree works… You call 3 people. Those 3 people call 3 people each making 9. Those 9 each call 3 people reaching 27 people. Those 27 each call 3 reaching 81 people. The phone tree builds. Call 3 people today to ask how they are doing. Reduce isolation and stay connected.

As a Neighbourhood Watch coordinator we encourage you to share our campaign, please share our campaign on your own social media channels, newsletters, web pages and other resources. To share the campaign download attached Calling Tree Campaign Pack or visit our website

Many thanks for your support


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AttachmentsNeighbourhood Watch The Calling Tree Campaign.pdf – 511.2 KB

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Cheryl Spruce (NWN, Head of Membership and Community Engagement , National)

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