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PRESS RELEASE Darren Henry MP Broxtowe – Virtual Parliament in Giltbrook, Beeston Railway Station Accessibility & Business Support in Broxtowe

22nd April 2020 Darren Henry MP, Updates from Politicians Tags: 0 Comments


Hope you are well.

Below is Darren’s update which today includes;  

Virtual Parliament in Giltbrook, Beeston Railway Station Accessibility & Business Support in Broxtowe

Yesterday (21st April) Parliament came back after its Easter recess and the House of Commons considered a motion to facilitate the remote participation by MPs in its proceedings, for the first time in its history. Participation in the proceedings such as oral questions including departmental questions and PMQs, urgent questions and ministerial statements will be facilitated by Zoom. This means I will be representing the people of Broxtowe from home in Giltbrook. My team and I are continuing to work remotely and we are here to serve you the people of Broxtowe. You can contact me via my email address or search my website for further information the link is here:

I had a virtual meeting with Network Rail to talk about the work to make Beeston Station accessible for all local rail passengers. I spoke to Lisa Phillips, Network Rail’s lead for the project, Graham Taylorson, Buildings Senior Asset Engineer, and Joe Cookson, Senior Public Affairs Manager. We talked about the next steps for the work because the funding for the project has been confirmed. They told me that Network Rail are developing a series of options and will be engaging with local communities on those later this year. We agreed that any solution needs to have the support of the local community and decision-making needs to be done in partnership with passengers. As Network Rail is also planning improvements to the canopies and repairs to the staircase at Beeston Station, alongside a series of commitments by East Midlands Railway as part of their new franchise, I stressed that all this work should be conducted in a joined up way. This will make sure the investment is a catalyst for big improvements at the Station whilst minimising disruption for passengers. I will be in close contact with representatives from the rail industry to make sure we keep up the momentum to transform Beeston Station for the whole of our community. Here is a link to the Beeston Station Accessibility Improvements Campaign: beeston-station-accessibility-improvements-campaign

This is a challenging time for businesses, especially for the smaller firms that are at the heart of our local community and are the backbone of the local economy here in Broxtowe. The Government has distributed more than £12 billion to local authorities for the small business grants scheme. Broxtowe Borough Council has been allocated £17,914,000 to support up to 1501 business properties. It is reassuring to know that the support announced by the Government has already reached 951 businesses by working together with Broxtowe Borough Council and this is helping to protect businesses and people’s livelihoods to the tune of £11,505,000. I am absolutely determined to ensure that the people of Broxtowe get the support that you need. You have been doing the right thing by staying at home, protecting our NHS and saving lives. I will do all I can along with the Government to ensure that local jobs here in Broxtowe are safeguarded and that we can all pay our bills. If you are not sure of the support that your business may be eligible for please use the Government’s business support finder to see what is available for you and your business via this link:

Some good news is that the Government has announced £45 million for two world-leading projects that will work to find a vaccine for coronavirus and human stage of the trials will start from tomorrow (23rd April).

Stay safe. I am here to serve you and your loved ones.


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