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Update From Darren Henry MP

15th February 2021 Darren Henry MP, Updates from Politicians Tags: 2 Comments

This week, I will be posting 5 reasons why the Eastern Leg of HS2 is so important to me and for my constituents.

1 – The Eastern Leg of #HS2 alone will prompt the creation of over 150,000 new jobs ????‍♂️

Communities surrounding the Eastern Leg of HS2 suffer from lower productivity, receive less transport investment and are home to more social deprivation ‘cold spots’ than communities surrounding the Western Leg of HS2 as well as falling well below the UK average.

I want to see this rectified.

Right now…

▪ The East Midlands receives the lowest transport spend per head of anywhere in the UK (£245), 49 per cent below UK average (£483) and less than a quarter of that allocated in London (£1019). If the East Midlands was funded in line with the UK average, it would receive £1 billion extra to spend on transport each year.

▪ Communities along HS2’s Eastern Leg suffer from lower productivity both compared to the UK average (-24%) and compared to communities along the Western Leg of HS2 (-10%)

▪ The East Midlands has 42% of England’s social deprivation cold spots, despite only having 23% of its population. These areas of deprivation are highly correlated to areas experiencing transport poverty.


✅ HS2’s Eastern Leg will address inequalities, by catalysing huge regeneration schemes across the East Midlands, Yorkshire and North East, creating over 150,000 highly-skilled jobs – 84,000 at Toton alone.

For just a few local examples of projects which would benefit from HS2, please see below: ????????

East Midlands Development Corporation ????‍???? – The promise of the super connectivity HS2 provides is key to securing the inward investment and growth needed to catalyse the creation of 84,000 highly-skilled jobs, and over 4,000 high-quality homes, £4.8 billion additional GVA and spearheading recovery from COVID-19.

Once established, a locally-led development corporation would work to maximise growth opportunities at a number of sites near to the HS2 East Midlands Hub station at Toton, including…

???? Toton and Chetwynd – Plans are being refined to transform Chetwynd Barracks in Chilwell into 1,500 new homes and retail facilities to meet local housing demand.

Blueprints are also being drawn up for a new garden village at Toton, close to the HS2 East Midlands Hub site. ???? In fact, Toton was recently cited in the MHCLG planning reform white paper as being an example of what Government wants to see in areas across the country.

✅ Stapleford Towns Deal – I have spoken much about this before, but this Investment Plan really does offer a vision for Stapleford for the next 10 to 15 years. Importantly, it aims to complement the HS2 development, enabling local residents to take advantage of future opportunities. With a rejuvenated cycle and bus network, there is great potential for a flourishing night-time economy as well by maximising the use of residential living space. With a potential Skills Hub, this Government can invest in the local people who will bring these low-carbon jobs to fruition, presenting an opportunity for individual investment on a scale that Stapleford has never seen before.

Regarding concerns people have about HS2… I know people have differing opinions on this – all are valid and I am always happy to talk more about it with people in Broxtowe. However, after doing my research, I do think this would bring in enormous benefits to the area, including economic regeneration and carbon offsetting.

In the coming days I will comment more on other FAQs surrounding HS2.


  1. Daniel Young 9 months Reply

    I’ve been living in broxtowe for nearly six years. I haven’t met one person who is in support of this old fashioned legacy project. Please explain what those 84000 jobs are going to be? Construction of the line and trains doesn’t count because they are temp jobs.

  2. Fiona Banks 9 months Reply

    Agree with above statement. Public opinion being ignored, doesn’t mention the jobs LOST due to the construction, poor planning, mitigation and communication from HS2 all the way along the route. Won’t improve journeys connectivity by the time you take getting to and from Toton into account, IMPROVE services we ALREADY have Midland Mainline Line electrification etc.

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