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Thank you to the Stapleford Iceland Store for supporting the #StaplefordFoodProject

14th March 2021 #StaplefordFoodProject, Local Businesses, Stapleford Community Group Tags: , , 0 Comments

Thank you to the Stapleford Iceland Store, staff who pushed the promotion and customers who supported the promotion.

We had 100s of Warburtons Crumpets (9packs) donated to Stapleford Community Group to support the #StaplefordFoodProject

They went out all over Stapleford and we now support 29 groups and organisations and they went to places like Brinsley, Best wood, St Anns, Nottingham City, local Schools, mutual aid groups, Stapleford Fire Station, The Helpful Bureau, Phoenix Community Foundation, two groups in Bilborough and much much more. 

Thank you all for the kindness and it shows that the #StaplefordFoodProject is reaching much more than Stapleford. 

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