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03 Apr 2017

LearnCPR in Awsworth 

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LearnCPRInNottinghamshire was in Awsworth earlier this evening teaching the life saving skill to local residents. 

Awsworth Councillor Lydia Ball joined in the first session which took place at the Awsworth Youth Club. 

A second group also learnt the life saving skill. 

Members of a local running club also took part in the training session which was taught by Richard MacRae. 

Anyone else who would like to LearnCPRInNottinghamshire please email and put LearnCPRInNottinghamshire in the subject. 

26 Mar 2017

Community Defibrillator Installed At St Lukes Church, Moorbridge Lane, Stapleford 

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Thanks to Stapleford Councillors Richard MacRae and John McGrath a new Community Defibrillator has been installed at St Lukes Church, Moorbridge Lane, Stapleford. 

The Community Defibrillator has been supplied by United Living at Broxtowe Borough Council who have been installing the life saving devices all over Broxtowe Borough. 

This is now the 5th Defibrillator installed in Stapleford which is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 

Upon calling 999 if a Defibrillator is required then the operator will give the location of the nearest device. 

There are Community Defibrillators at the following locations, 

The Meeting Place on Derby Road which was organised by Stapleford Police. 

The Coop Store, Hickings Lane. Organised by Stapleford Community Group. 

The West End Pub, Derby Road. Organised by Stapleford Community Group and Councillors McGrath and MacRae with United Living. 

The Magpie Pub, Toton Lane. Organised by Councillors MacRae and McGrath with United Living. 

St Lukes Church, Moorbridge Lane. Organised by Councillors MacRae and McGrath with United Living. 

Again a massive thank you to United Living at Broxtowe Borough Council for supplying a number of these devices. 

These devices are self explanatory and once activated talk you through each step to use them, no training is required. 

However anyone interested in learning how to use a Community Defibrillator or learning how to perform CPR can contact us via and put LearnCPRInNottinghamshire in the subject heading. 

27 Feb 2017

Bramcote Probus Club Members #LearnCPR 

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Members of the Bramcote Mens and Bramcote Ladies Probus Clubs attended a #LearnCPR Course earlier today at the Bramcote Memorial Hall. 

Learning how to perform CPR which was followed by advice on how to use a Defibrillator. 

Please follow the #LearnCPRInNottinghamshire Facebook Page for further dates and times if you are interested in learning. 

#LearnCPR sessions also take place at other locations so again keep an eye on the #LearnCPRInNottinghamshire Facebook Page 

If you would like to organise a #LearnCPR session as many others have then please get in touch.


Phone: 07740344427

Practise Hands-only CPR with our BHF PocketCPR app

The free app explains how to carry out Hands-only CPR on someone in cardiac arrest using hard and fast chest compressions. Also, it allows you to practise by making use of the accelerometer in your smartphone. It means your phone can:

  • measure the rate and depth of compressions,
  • telling you if you need to do the compressions faster or slower,
  • or whether you should push harder or softer.

Download BHF PocketCPR for Android or download BHF PocketCPR for iPhone.

If someone’s had a cardiac arrest, they’ll be unconscious, not breathing or not breathing normally.

The person will die within minutes without immediate help. Act quickly and Call Push Rescue.

CALL 999 immediately.

PUSH hard and fast on the centre of the chest 30 times.

Give two RESCUE breaths.

Keep going until the emergency medical services arrive. If you’d rather not give rescue breaths then call 999 and deliver Hands-only CPR. That’s better than doing nothing.

09 Feb 2017

Creating More Life Savers By Teaching CPR

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Awsworth, Babbington and Cossall Youth Club invited Richard MacRae over to teach some of the members how to perform CPR earlier this evening. 

LearnCPRInNottinghamshire can be taught to individuals right up to groups of people thanks to the kit which was supplied by The British Heart Foundation

Having great fun and learning a life saving skill at this evenings session.

All being well another session will take place to teach more of the children who use the Awsworth, Babbington and Cossall Youth Club at a future event.

If anyone else would like to LearnCPRInNottinghamshire then please get in touch.



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