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22 Mar 2017

Reduction Of The Robin Hood Travel Card Despite Promises To Extend It.

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With effect from Sunday 26th March the Sherwin Arms Bus Stop will longer be the local start/finish for residents using the Robin Hood Travel Card. 

Last year Stapleford Councillors John McGrath and Richard MacRae met with City Councillor Nick McDonald who promised to look at extending the Robin Hood Travel Card into Stapleford.  

Now local residents who walk to the Sherwin Arms Bus Stop are going to miss out as the boundary will be changed.

The west boundary will be reduced from the Sherwin Arms bus stop to the Cow Lane stop in both directions on Derby Road. This will will affect i4 and the 21 customers.

eighteen’s new boundary will be the Moss Drive stops on Town Street, these stops are either side of the junction at Cow Lane.

You can read the Trent Barton Press Release by clicking here.

The two Stapleford Councillors explained to the City Councillor the importance of extending the Robin Hood Travel Card which is accepted at the Tram Terminus at Toton Lane, Stapleford, to benefit the residents of Stapleford.  

Councillor Nick McDonald has been asked why this has happened and the two Stapleford Councillors are now awaiting his reply. 

03 Oct 2016

New Bike Racks For Stapleford 

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Stapleford Councillors Richard MacRae and John McGrath were joined by Broxtowe Town Team Manager Matt Batterham on a recent visit to Nottingham City Council based at Loxley House. 

They met with Officers of Nottingham City Council and spoke about the importance of encouraging more people to use Bikes and giving them more opportunities to lock them up safely in the Town Centre. 

Returning back to Stapleford happy after the Officers at the City Council agreed to kindly donate two Bike Racks which would be installed in Stapleford.

So earlier today the first Bike Rack was installed at The Roach, a great place to lock up your bike safely before you visit the Shops in Stapleford. 

Shortly afterwards the second Bike Rack was installed outside the Precinct on Derby Road, opposite Blend Barbers. 

Councillors John McGrath and Richard MacRae would like to thank Dave and the team for not only collecting the Bike Racks for them but for also installing them too. 

The Town Team Managers at Broxtowe Borough Council will now be organising some posters to place on the Bike Racks.

The two Councillors also asked Nottingham City Council if another Bike rack becomes available could they please have that too. It would be great to install a further Bike Rack between Halls Road and Brookhill Street.  

20 May 2016

Stapleford Councillors Visit To Nottingham City Council.

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Earlier today Stapleford Councillors Richard MacRae and John McGrath visited Nottingham City Council. 

Nottingham City Councillor Nick McDonald, Stapleford Councillor John McGrath, Stapleford Councillor Richard MacRae. 

The following message is an email Councillor Richard MacRae has sent to the Leaders of Nottingham City Council, Nottinghamshire County Council and Broxtowe Borough Council. 

I requested a meeting with Councillor Nick McDonald that Councillor John McGrath and myself attended at Loxley House earlier this afternoon. 

We spoke about several things. 

1st was the extension of the Robin Hood Travel Card to include Stapleford. Councillor McDonald was in agreement that this should come to Stapleford and has agreed to talk to people at Trent Barton as well as the team at Nottingham City Council who deal with this. We of course look forward to hearing about how this progresses. 

2ndly we spoke about the need for a Cycle Hub in Stapleford and the possibility of having the City Bikes.  Like they also have in Beeston. 

We would like to see the Hub located in the centre of Stapleford in the area that’s about to be transformed to help with the regeneration of our Town Centre. 

We feel that as more people are using Bikes and we have some excellent routes both in and around Stapleford it would be very fitting to have a Cycle Hub. Also Stapleford is classed as a deprived area and not everyone can aford a Bike. So we feel being able to hire a Bike would be a great opportunity for all. There is a Bike Hub at the Tram Terminus on Toton Lane, Stapleford so it would also encourage people to get off the Tram jump on a Bike and ride into our great Town Centre and visit our wonderful shops.

The area we are looking at is currently a Planter on the junction of Toton Lane and Eaton Road. The Planter so I am led to believe is owned by the County Council but the Borough Council are responsible for the inside of the Planter. Currently Stapleford Community Group are doing the weeding and planting of this.  As it is a jointly owned area we was hoping that the Bike Hub could become a joint project with funding from Nottinghamshire City Council, Nottingham County Council, Broxtowe Borough Council and of course Stapleford Community Group would like to be involved and are more than prepared to do some fundraising of donations.  It would be great to see such a joint project come to life to benefit the people of Stapleford and our visitors too. 

Last on the list was the Splendour music event which takes place on Wollaton Park. We know that City Residents get a reduced price Ticket and this is because the City Council help to fund the event. Upon speaking to Councillor Nick McDonald we asked that would it be possible for the residents of the County and Borough to receive reduced tickets and it was mentioned that this could be looked into if Nottinghamshire County Council and Broxtowe Borough Council would like to make a financial contribution to the event. We thought this was a great idea and Councillor McDonald agreed to talk to the relevant people and see if and what could be done.  Of course this is down to Nottinghamshire County Council and Broxtowe Borough Council if they would like to get involved and we look forward to a reply from the Leaders of each Council. 

We would like to thank Councillor Nick McDonald for taking the time to meet us today and for the great hospitality we received from Nottingham City Council. 

We of course look forward to the replies from Councillor Nick McDonald once he has spoken to the relevant people and we are hopeful that by all working together we can bring these benefits to the people of Stapleford and the wider community. 

©Stapleford Community Group 2016



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