I attended a meeting earlier this afternoon with Councillor Tony Harper, Chairman of Jobs and Economy at Broxtowe Borough Council. 

We both met with a Parking Enforcement Officer and we all spoke about the issues on Pasture Road.  

As there are no Parking Restrictions there is nothing Broxtowe Borough Council can actually do and the issues are down to both Nottinghamshire County Council and the local Police to deal with. 

Unfortunately neither seem to be doing a great deal. 

We have now along with our MP requested a meeting with the local County Councillors and officers from Highways at Nottinghamshire County Council as well as local Police so these serious issues on Pasture Road can be addressed again.  

Something needs to be done as this has been going on for far to long now. 

Peoples safety is being put as risk on a daily basis both those in Vehicles and Pedestrians alike.  

Once a meeting is organised I will keep you updated.