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08 Sep 2017

NO PARKING On Ilkeston Road

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Residents along Ilkeston Road have today received a letter informing them that for three months they can’t park outside their own Homes whilst road works take place. 


09 May 2017

Busy Stapleford road to close for nearly three months

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One of the busiest stretches of road in Stapleford is set to close for nearly three months while junction work gets underway for a controversial 450-home development.

Via East Midlands on behalf of Nottinghamshire County Council is set to carry out the work from 7.30am on Monday, August 14 to 3.30pm on Friday, October 6.

Melbourne Road in Stapleford will be affected from its junction with the A6007 Ilkeston Road to its junction with Rowan Avenue.

This is so that junction work can be carried out to accommodate a controversial 450-home housing development at Field Farm. The first phase would include 118 houses.

NHS worker Debbie Everett, 44, of Melbourne Road, said: “The road closure will affect people that have got cars and people that need to use public transport.

“We only have one bus that comes through here so it is going to be quite restrictive for people. I think three months is too long.”

Candice Garner, 45, of the same street, who works nights as a carer said the noise is likely to affect her sleep.

Melbourne Road.

She said: “With me working nights I will be surprised if I get any sleep. Three months is a long time – with shutting the whole street off how are we supposed to get through with our cars?”

But Chris Mason, 53, who serves in the Armed Forces, thinks the road works will stop Melbourne Road being used as a rat run.

He said: “Ilkeston Road is cram-packed at rush hour and they use Melbourne Road as a rat run.

“If it is closed it won’t be used as a rat run but once finished, and with the new development built, it will be hard because of the traffic.”

A local Stapleford borough councillor is also concerned due to the length of road works.

**Councillor Richard MacRae said: “There are worries that the number 18 bus won’t be able to go down there.

“I know the road works have got to be done but it is months and months and traffic is always ridiculous around here.

“They have not said whether it is going to be in the day or in the evening but it is nearly three months. I think it needs to be staggered.”

Via East Midlands said it is junction improvement works and entrance works to make way for the new development in Field Farm.

An alternative route from A6007 IIkeston Road – Rowan Avenue and vice versa will be put into place.

By Matt Jarram, Nottingham Post 

** Councillor Richard MacRae has said that although Melbourne Road is closed at the junction with Ilkeston Road there will be signs at the junction of  Rowan Avenue saying Road Ahead Closed, but after speaking to the people carrying out the alterations he has been told the road will be open to residents only, with access from Rowan Avenue and Braddon Avenue. It is also thought Trent Barton will divert off Ilkeston Road and up Rowan Avenue.  Missing only one stop on Ilkeston Road and one stop on Melbourne Road. 

04 May 2017

Half Of Melbourne Road To Close For Nearly 3 Months Raises Concerns For Local Residents. 

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With Melbourne Road between its junction of Ilkeston Road and Ramsey Close set to close for almost 3 Months several residents have already raised concerns.  

Stapleford Councillor Richard MacRae has asked for more information such as the route the 18 will have to take and also will residents still have access to parking too. 

There is also concerns raised about a Disability Bus which uses Melbourne Road to pick up a local resident who attends a local a college. 

Hopefully the questions will be replied to and an update will be posted as soon as possible. 

16 Mar 2017

Double Yellow Lines For Ilkeston Road Get The Go Ahead Despite Objections.  

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It would seem that residents have been let down by Nottinghamshire County Council over plans to allow Double Yellow Lines to be installed along a stretch of Ilkeston Road.

Sadly neither of the County Councillors or Stapleford North Ward Borough Councillor John Longdon spoke up against the proposals which will mean that residents of Ilkeston Road will no longer be able to park outside their own properties

The report below suggests that alternative parking is available on Melbourne Road (pictured above), but local residents already struggle to park on Melbourne Road as it is. 

The report also states that driving over a Pavement without a Dropped Kerb is illegal, meaning that many residents will be forced to pay over £1,000 to have a Dropped Kerb installed. But many of the residents live in upstairs flats which means they don’t have a front Garden, where are they expected to park? 

One disabled resident who has a Blue Badge will have a Pedestrian Crossing right outside their property meaning they can’t access the garden where they currently park.



1.  To  consider  the  objections  received  in  respect  of  the  above  Traffic  Regulation  Order  and whether it should  be  made  as advertised. 

Information  and  Advice 

2.  Ilkeston  Road  is  a  local  distributor  road  on  the  northern  edge  of  Stapleford,  the  road  is currently  developed  on  the  southern  side  only  and  comprises  a  mixture  of  residential properties;  flats  and  detached  houses.  On  the  part  of  Ilkeston  Road  between  Melbourne Road  and  Pasture  Lane,  all  the  houses  and  around  half  of  the  flats  have  provision  for  offstreet  parking.  

Melbourne  Road  leads  directly  off  Ilkeston  Road  and  is  the  main  spine  road through  a  large  1960s housing  estate.  There  are  currently  no  parking  restrictions  along  either road.    

3.  On  4  November  2014  outline  planning  approval  was  granted  by  Broxtowe  Borough  Council for  a  residential  development  for  up  to  450  dwellings  on  the  northern  side  of  Ilkeston  Road (application  reference  11/00758/OUT).  The  outline  approval  included  the  access arrangements  for  the  site,  whilst  other  matters,  such  as  the  detailed  housing  design remained  a  reserved  matter, to  be  decided  upon  as part of  the  full  planning  application.   

4.  The full  planning  application  submission  was  subsequently  refused  in  April 2016  by  Broxtowe Borough  Council  due  to  concerns  with  the  housing  design.  The  applicant  appealed  to  the Secretary  of  State  with  the  decision  published  on  13th  February  2017,  which  found  for  the applicant  and  over-turned  the  refusal  decision  made  by  Broxtowe  Borough  Council.     

5.  The  approved  outline  planning  decision  notice  stated  that  the  development  will  be  accessed from  Ilkeston  Road,  via  a  new  junction.  To  accommodate  this  new  access,  alterations  to Ilkeston  Road  are  required;  including  two  new  ghost  island  right-turn  lanes,  roundabout improvements  (Ilkeston  Road  /  Trowell  Road  /  Pasture  Road)  a  new  footway  and  pedestrian crossing  refuge.  The  layout  of  this  road  and  the  number  and  location  of  the  crossing  points all  formed  part of  the  approved  plans  for the  development. 

6.  The  proposed  alterations  to  Ilkeston  Road  were  subject  to  detailed  design  approval  by  the Planning  Authority  working  in  partnership  with  the  Local  Highway  Authority  (Nottinghamshire County  Council).  This  process  included  a  safety  audit  of  the  proposed  design;  which highlighted  that  the  presence  of  parked  vehicles  restricted  visibility  at  junctions  and  would cause  conflict  between  drivers  overtaking  parked  vehicles  and  those  entering  the  right  turn lanes.  The  safety  audit  recommended  that  parking  restrictions  should  be  included  either  side of  the  junction  to  reduce  the  visibility  obstruction  and  improve  side  road  visibility.  Further discussions  were  held  with  the  developer  and  road  safety  representatives  regarding  likely parking  migration  and  its  effect  in  obstructing  vehicle  flow  around  the  pedestrian  refuges,  the safe  operation  of  the  right-turn  ghost  island  into  Melbourne  Road  and  the  efficient  and  safe operation  of  the  Melbourne  Road  /  Ilkeston  Road  junction.  As  a  result  waiting  restrictions were  proposed  for  the  northern  side  of  Ilkeston  Road  and  a  short  distance  into  Melbourne Road. 

7.  The  proposed  scheme  comprises  “No  Waiting  At  Any  Time”  (Double  Yellow  Lines)  on Ilkeston  Road  from  its  junction  with  Trowell  Road  /  Pasture  Road;  on  its  northern  side  for approximately  188m  and  approximately  253m  along  the  southern  side.  “No  Waiting  At  Any Time”  (Double  Yellow  Lines)  are  also  proposed  for  Melbourne  Road,  for  a  distance  on average  22m  from  its  junction  with  Ilkeston  Road.  The  proposed  restrictions  will  facilitate  the safe  operation  of  the  junctions,  the  two  ghost-island  right-turn  lanes  and  facilitate  the  freeflow  of  traffic  around  the  pedestrian  refuge.  The  scheme  layout  is  shown  on  the  attached drawing  number  H/04078/2191/01. 

8.  The  initial  consultation  was  carried  out  between  29th  January  2016  and  29th  February  2016.  Six  responses  were  received;  including  one  from  Stapleford  Town  Council  and  District Councillor  MacRae.  Of  the  responses  received,  one  was  a  comment  and  the  other  five  were objections  to  the  scheme.  A  range  of  comments  were  received  from  all  respondents;  these include: 

  That  residents  and  their visitors would  have  nowhere to  park; 

  Why should  residents  have  to  pay  for vehicle  dropped  kerbs  to  their  properties; 

  Questioned  the  number and  location  of  the  pedestrian  refuges; 

  That  the  proposals  will  displace  parked  vehicles  onto  the  pavements  at  the  Ilkeston  Road /  Trowell  Road  /  Pasture  Road  junction; 

  Suggesting  that  a  daytime  waiting  restriction  (single  yellow  line)  on  the  southern  side  of Ilkeston  Road  would  be  more  appropriate. 

9.  The  comments  and  objections  were  all  considered  and  responded  to.    

However,  no  material change  to  the  proposal  could  be  achieved  to  mitigate  the  objections  and  the  proposal  was statutorily  advertised  unchanged.       

10.  The  statutory  consultation  and  advertising  were  carried  out  between  30th  March  2016  and 30th  April  2016.  The  document  packages  were  held  at  Stapleford  Library  and  County  Hall with  copies  of  the  notice  erected  at  a  number  of  locations in  the  area.   

Objections  Received 

11.  There  were  no  additional  responses  during  the  advertisement  period;  the  initial  five objections are  considered  to  be  outstanding. 
12.  Objection  –  Stapleford  Town  Council

 Stapleford  Town  Council  made  various  comments  regarding  the  proposal  and  requested changes.  They  were  concerned  that  residents  and  their  visitors  would  have  nowhere  to  park, as  some  did  not  have  off-street  car  parking  or  the  opportunity  to  create  it.  They  questioned why  residents  were  required  to  pay  for  vehicle  dropped  kerbs  to  their  properties  and  the need  for  two  crossing  points.  Additionally,  the  Town  Council  suggested  that  the  waiting restrictions on  the  southern side  of  Ilkeston  Road  should  be  a  daytime  only  restriction. 

13.  Objection  –  Loss  of  on-street  parking  for residents 

All  objections,  including  that  from  District  Councillor  MacRae,  related  to  the  loss  of  on-street parking. 

14.  Objection  –  Position  of  western pedestrian  refuge 

One  objector also  stated  that  the  pedestrian  refuge  would  obstruct  access to  their  driveway.   

15.  Response  –  Loss  of  on-street  parking  for residents 

The  demand  for  on-street  parking  is  understood,  however  the  provision  of  this  facility  must be  secondary  to  maintaining  the  safe  and  efficient  movement  of  traffic  and  pedestrians  on the  Highway.  There is  always a  balance  to  be  struck  between  competing  demands  for a  finite resource;  it  is  recognised  that  the  loss  of  on-street  parking  on  this  section  of  Ilkeston  Road will inconvenience  some  residents.  However, unrestricted  on-street  parking  is available  along Melbourne  Road.  It  should  be  noted  that  loading  is  permitted  on  double  yellow  lines,  so deliveries  to  residents‟ homes  are unaffected.    This  includes private  vehicles  stopping  to  load and  unload,  so  residents  will  still  be  able  to  briefly  park  outside  their  premises  while  they  are loading  or  unloading  (such  as  bringing  in  their  shopping  from  the  car)  or  picking  up  goods  or passengers.  The  waiting  restrictions  will  prohibit  parking  on  the  footway  at  the  Ilkeston  Road /  Trowell  Road  /  Pasture  Road  junction. 

16.  Response  –  Charges  for Vehicle  dropped  kerb  access 

It  is  illegal  for  a  vehicle  to  drive  over  the  pavement  where  a  vehicle  access  is  not  in  place, this  is  to  prevent  damage  to  the  pavement  and/or  verge  and  protect  underground  pipes  and cables.  Dropped  kerbs  must  be  properly  constructed  and  not  represent  a  safety  hazard  on the  highway.  A  resident  requesting  a  dropped  kerb  outside  their  property  must  obtain  the approval  of  the  Local  Highway  Authority  and  in  some  case,  planning  permission  from  the District  Council.  The  County  Council  will  advise  applicants  on  their  proposal  and  provide  a quote  for the  work.     The  installation  of  a  vehicle  dropped  kerb  of  this  nature  benefits  only  the  individual  property that  it  serves,  not  the  wider  highway  network.  Therefore,  it  is  County  Council  policy  that  all private  vehicle  accesses  are  subject  to  approval  from  NCC  and  must  be  undertaken  at  the applicant‟s own  expense,  either by  a  private  approved  contractor or  by  the  County  Council. 

17.  Response  –  Pedestrian  crossing  points 

There  is  one  pedestrian  refuge  and  one  pair  of  dropped  kerbs  in  the  area  covered  by  the proposed  Order. The  crossing  points are  located  where the  new  footway  on  the  northern side of  Ilkeston  Road  terminates  and  provide  a  safe  facility  for  pedestrians  to  cross  Ilkeston  Road to  the  existing  footway  on  the  southern  side.  The  location  and  number  of  crossing  points were included  within  the  planning  consent  and  considered  appropriate.   
18.  Response  –  Requirement  for „At  All  Times‟ waiting  restriction 

The  finding  of  the  safety  audit  and  subsequent  consideration  regarding  the  design recognised  that  the  presence  of  parked  vehicles  restricted  the  safe  operation  of  the junctions,  would  cause  conflict  between  drivers  overtaking  parked  vehicles  and  those entering  the  right  turn  lanes  and  would  obstruct  vehicle  flow  around  the  pedestrian  refuge. These  hazards  would  be  present  at  all  times  of  day  and  so  the  restrictions  are  proposed  to operate  „At  All  Times‟. 

19.  Response  –  Position  of  western  pedestrian  refuge 

The  objector  does  not  have  a  lawful  vehicle  access  (dropped  kerb)  and  illegally  drives  their vehicle  over  the  footway  to  park  it  on  the  frontage  to  the  property.  The  position  of  the crossing  points  was  included  within  the  planning  consent  for the  development. Other  Options  Considered 

20.  Other  options  considered  relate  to  the  length  of  the  waiting  restrictions  proposed,  which could  have  been  either  lesser  or  greater.    However  as  discussed  the  demand  for  on-street parking  is  recognised  and  it  is  considered  that  the  proposals  are  a  reasonable  balance between  the  need  to  ensure  the  safe  operation  of  the  highway  and  on-street  parking provision. 

Comments  from  Local  Members 

21.  County  Councillors  Jacky  Williams  and  Stan  Heptinstall  MBE  did  not  comment  on  the proposals. 

Reason  for  Recommendation 

22.  The  recommendations  represent  the  most  appropriate  action  to  reduce  /  prevent  danger  to highway  users,  and  for  facilitating  the  safe  passage  of  traffic,  incorporating  the  majority  view and  having  had  regard  to  all  feedback  received. Statutory  and  Policy  Implications 

23.  This  report  has  been  compiled  after  consideration  of  implications  in  respect  of  crime  and disorder,  finance,  human  resources,  human  rights,  the  public  sector  equality  duty, safeguarding  of  children  and  vulnerable  adults,  service  users,  sustainability  and  the environment  and  ways  of  working  and  where  such  implications  are  material  they  are described  below.  Appropriate  consultation  has  been  undertaken  and  advice  sought  on  these issues as  required. 

Financial  Implications 

24.  The  Traffic  Regulation  Order  process  will  cost  £4,200  and  is  funded  by  the  developer,  who will  also  deliver the  highway  works at  their  own  expense. 

Crime  and  Disorder  Implications 

25.    Nottinghamshire  Police  has  raised  no  objection  to  the  proposals. 

It  is  recommended  that: 

1)  The  Nottinghamshire  County  Council  (A6007  Ilkeston  Road  and  Melbourne  Road,  Stapleford) (Prohibition  Of  Waiting)  Traffic  Regulation  Order  2017  (5218)  is  made  as  advertised  and objectors notified  accordingly. Adrian Smith Corporate Director,  Place Name  and Title  of  Report  Author Mike  Barnett  –  Team  Manager (Major Projects  and  Improvements) Constitutional  Comments  (SJE  –  23/05/2016) 

26. This  decision  falls  within  the  Terms  of  Reference  of  the  Transport  &  Highways  Committee  to whom  responsibility  for  the  exercise  of  the  Authority‟s  functions  relating  to  traffic management have  been  delegated. Financial  Comments  (RWK  19/05/2016) 

27. The  financial implications are set  out  in  paragraph24  of  the  report. Background  Papers Except  for  previously  published  documents,  which  will  be  available  elsewhere,  the  documents listed  here  will  be  available  for  inspection  in  accordance  with  Section  100D  of  the  Local Government  Act  1972. All  relevant  documents  for  the  proposed  scheme  are  contained  within  the  scheme  file  which  can be  found  in  the  Major  Projects  and  Improvements  Team  at  Trent  Bridge  House,  Fox  Road,  West Bridgford,  Nottingham,  NG2  6BJ. 

Electoral  Division(s)  and  Member(s)  Affected Stapleford  and  Bramcote  

ED Stapleford  and  Bramcote  

ED County  Councillor  Jacky  Williams County  Councillor Stan  Heptinstall  MBE 

11 Mar 2017

Double Yellow Lines Could Be Installed to Make Way For 118 Horrible Houses In Stapleford

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Double yellow lines could be painted along two Stapleford streets to make way for a controversial housing development in the town.

Last month it was revealed the Government overturned a decision made by Broxtowe Borough Council in April 2016 to refuse a planning application for 118 homes on farmland off Ilkeston Road.


02 Feb 2016

Petition launched over plans for double yellow lines on streets in Stapleford

Councillor Richard MacRae, Nottingham County Council, Nottingham Evening Post Tags: , , , , , , 0 Comments


Councillor Richard MacRae and resident John Varney, 66 pictured in Ilkeston Road, Stapleford




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