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08 Aug 2018

Stapleford Town Council Meeting.

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Stapleford Town Council are meeting to discuss the Stapleford Neighbourhood Plan.

The meeting starts at 630pm on Thursday 9th August and there is only one item on the Agenda.

The Stapleford Neighbourhood Plan.

It was agreed at the last meeting that more time was needed so Councillors could consider all the information regards the Stapleford Neighbourhood Plan ahead of making a final decision on it.

Public gallery will be open as usual.

24 Aug 2017

Stapleford Neighbourhood Plan 

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It seems no time since Stapleford Town Council sent out information regarding Neighbourhood Planning via Inspire.

An ‘inspired’ band of volunteers from the Town Council, residents and local business representatives have been working hard on the Town’s behalf to produce a Draft Neighbourhood Plan.

Public consultations will soon be taking place and every household and business in the Town will receive a leaflet explaining what the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group have come up with and inviting residents and businesses to comment on the Draft Local Plan.

You can read the Draft Local Plan on the Town Council web site: on the Stapleford Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group’s fb page and on other local community web sites.

Town Councillors and members of the Stapleford Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group will be attending the Stapleford Carnival and hope to meet many of you to engage in conversation and hear your views regarding the draft Stapleford Neighbourhood Plan.

31 Jul 2017

Stapleford Neighbourhood Plan. 

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Volunteers who have been working hard putting together the Stapleford Neighbourhood Plan will be available to listen to your views on the Plan. 

Thursday 10th August they will be at the Stapleford Play Day on the Ilkeston Road Recreation Ground.

Saturday 2nd September they will be at the Stapleford Carnival on the Ilkeston Road Recreation Ground. 

It is your chance to pop along and take a look at what has been done so far. You can talk with the Volunteers and let them know what you think to the proposals which have been put together. 

There will then be public meetings held around Stapleford and details will be shared once the venues/dates/times have been finalised. 

12 May 2017

SPECIAL Town Council Meeting 19th May 2017 

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  1. Apologies for absence

(The Town Clerk will report any apologies for absence she has received in writing prior to
the start of the meeting.)

  1. Declarations of interest

(Members will be invited to declare any interests they may have on any item to be
discussed at the meeting. They will also be advised that should it become apparent to any Member during the meeting that they do have an interest in a particular item they should alert the Chair and the Town Clerk immediately.)

  1. Request(s) made by any member of the public to address the Town Council

  1. Neighbourhood Plan – review progress on this project and receive draft content

  1. Date of next meeting. The next ordinary Meeting of Stapleford Town Council will be advised following the Annual Town Council Meeting.  

03 Nov 2016

Stapleford Neighbourhood Plan 

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Stapleford Town Council together with a group of residents and local businesses are currently developing a Neighbourhood Plan.  

A Neighbourhood Plan will enable the views of the Town to be incorporated into any future plans for the Town being agreed as part of the main planning process.  

It is hoped to have a Draft of the main points of the Neighbourhood Plan by December 2016 / January 2017.  

This will be submitted to Broxtowe Borough Council with the full plan being developed during 2017.  

A referendum will be held in Stapleford to allow residents to vote on the final Neighbourhood Plan and this part of the exercise will be managed by Broxtowe Borough Council and if the majority of residents agree with the Neighbourhood Plan it will then be submitted for examination and providing it passes the external examiner’s overview it will then become a principle planning document for Stapleford. 

The first Steering Group meeting has taken place and Mr Simon Frost has been elected as Chair of the steering group with Mr Tim Hallam as Deputy Chair. Four sub groups have been formed to look in greater detail at the following: 

Housing.  Looking at the housing targets designated by Broxtowe Borough Council as part of the ‘built up area’, as identified in the Local Plan and using local knowledge to propose suitable locations, housing types and supporting services. 

Transport.  Looking at traffic volumes, pedestrian access and parking.  Also, the impact of HS2. 

Business.  Looking at how to develop and promote the town centre.  Supporting current employers and attracting a variety of new business to the area. 

Community.  Looking at current facilities and their suitability, identifying further and future requirements.  

The Sub Groups are holding their own meetings and will be reporting back to the Steering Group at the next Steering Group Meeting on 1st December 2016. 

There is still time to be involved in this exciting project and if you would like to either be part of the Steering Group or Sub Group/s and share your ideas for possible inclusion in the Neighbourhood Plan please contact the Town Clerk, Ms Margaret Downie on 01159391818 or email: who will pass your contact details to the relevant group co-ordinator.
Stapleford Neighbourhood Plan Facebook Page

03 Nov 2016

Neighbourhood Plan Community and Leisure. Your Thoughts and Ideas. 

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As part of the Stapleford Neighbourhood Plan a Community and Leisure Sub Committee would like to hear your thoughts and ideas which will be then taken to Committee and be discussed. 

Whilst we fully understand people don’t always have time to attend meetings we would still like to give you the opportunity to contribute to the Stapleford Neighbourhood Plan. 

Please have a read of what we have collected so far and either add your own comments or email them to and we will make sure they are all taken to the next Committee Meeting and presented to the Committee Members for discussion. 

Neighbourhood Plan

Community and Leisure

Community Engagement.

To get the feedback captured in the plan several community members were engaged to discuss their thoughts on what should be captured in the neighbourhood plan. This proved to be far more effective than convening a formal meeting that wouldn’t practically fit into people’s busy lifestyles.
Summary of findings:


There is a strong feeling that sports facilities, in particular green space, needs to preserved to provide the community of all ages and fitness abilities to partake in activities from cricket and football through to a safe environment to take strolls or walk dogs.

A common remake was that the lighting in some of the sports facilities was not very effective or no present that prevented the space being used in winter months.

Winter\poor weather usage was another common theme with suggestions of perhaps one of the sports fields being upgraded to allow all year sports usage.

A few people raised the state and quality of the sports related buildings with some suggestions that if funding were to become available refurbishing them would encourage greater use of the available facilities.

There was a common consensus that because Stapleford is fortunate to have these spaces that it provided a community feel by pulling together residents of all age groups to participate in sports.

A good example of this community cohesion through sport can be evidenced by the success of Stapleford Town Football Club which does a huge amount for the youth of Stapleford and also local businesses who are proud to support them.

Children’s Facilities:

Feedback of parents with smaller children have identified that if there was a small facility on the high street that provided a simple activity such as a seesaw or roundabout it would make their visit to the high street easier and more attractive as their children can have a quick break from the shops and have a play.

It was noted that the facilities at Hickings Lane and QEII park were appreciated like the skate park and five-a-side pitch. There was a couple of people who observed that some of the equipment needs a bit of TLC especially on QEII park where some of the equipment has been subjected, sadly, to mindless vandalism.

Another unfortunate comment made was the use of parks, again QEII was cited in particular, where young adults often use the park to consume drugs often in clear view of the children.
Teenager’s Facilities:

This seemed to be a large gap in this area identified by a number of teens consulted.

They don’t feel there are places in Stapleford that would attract them to go either on the high street or elsewhere that they either felt safe or comfortable.

It was suggested having somewhere they could be welcome such as a coffee shop or teen friendly café that has ready access to WIFI would allow them to have a place to meet safely.

This was appreciated to be a tough one to solve as it would need a business willing to set-up to meet that demographic.

Community Facilities:

A couple of people mentioned that the closure of the Mayfield community centre worried them because they are concerned all the community space that is readily accessible to the infirm or less able bodied as well as the able bodied residents will be closed as part of the overall ‘austerity’ being imposed and once gone will disappear forever. The general feeling was that this erodes the community feel and reducing opportunities to meet other people within Stapleford that they may not have had the opportunity to meet.


Events, when well planned, have shown to bring the town together such as the annual November memorial and Christmas lights switch on (The Christmas lights is one that animated most people who mentioned how well it has come on in the past couple of years and becoming an established event that excites people who want to come into Stapleford to experience it)

People mentioned the types of events they would like to see are:

Local music, country and western certainly was mentioned a lot!

Local arts and crafts shows

Craft and vintage fairs

‘Normal’ food market

The community demonstrated what it can do with the very sad loss of Josh a very young member of Stapleford. The ‘Run for Josh’ was achieved with just a week’s planning and proved to be an outstanding event that showed Stapleford and its residents are full of compassion and community spirit. It was remarked that ‘why does it take a tragedy to make these things happen’.

Spiritual Stapleford:

This was widely regarded as a strong positive influence in Stapleford and something that should be encouraged and preserved no matter the religion.

07 Sep 2016

Stapleford Neighbourhood Plan 

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As discussed at the  Meeting held on 23rd August 2016, a Neighbourhood Planning Meeting has been organised to be held on:



Unfortunately,  it was not possible to elect a Chair or decide on who would undertake particular tasks e.g. publicity etc.  at the Meeting on 23rd August. So I  hope that these items will be picked up on the 15th.

Individuals who attended on  23rd August did volunteer to be involved in Working Parties  and I trust that those who volunteered as lead on such groups have managed to pull something together to report to  the Meeting on the 15th ; so we at least have an idea of which direction the Neighbourhood  Plan is intending to follow.

Please confirm your attendance on the 15th and please feel free to invite others to attend.  If anyone wishes to be part of one of the Steering Groups please ask such individuals to email me and I will pass their details onto the appropriate lead.   

It is important that commitment is given to this project for it to go forward.

 Please email for more information or if you would like to attend. 

Margaret C Downie

Town Clerk

Stapleford Town Council            



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