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11 Jan 2018

Stapleford Town Team Agenda Items

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The Stapleford Town Team is asking local businesses to submit agenda items for the upcoming meeting. 

Taking place at 530pm on Thursday 25th January at The Midland Hotel, Derby Road.

All business owners in the Town are invited to attend this meeting. 

If any business owner would like to have an item placed on the agenda please email and he will include the item for the upcoming meeting.

The Stapleford Town Team meet regular throughout the year and is an opportunity for businesses to raise any issues they have and network with each other. 

The Stapleford Town Team is here to help and look forward to business owners attending the next meeting. 

27 Jan 2017

Free Wifi Coming To The Stapleford High Street 

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Broxtowe Borough Council agreed to fund the project to have Free Wifi installed on the High Street in Stapleford at a Committee Meeting last night.  

The project is the idea and hard work of the Stapleford Town Team who then approached the Council to fund the project. 

Elephant Wifi will be installing and looking after the project on behalf of the Stapleford Town Team and Broxtowe Borough Council. 
As well as allowing people to play Pokémon or send an email, there are many more benefits to having Free Wifi on the High Street. 

A landing page can be set up so that everyone using the Free Wifi will see it when they log on. The page can for example have a calendar of Town Events, a list of local businesses, and a page of things to do in the Town. 

It is early days yet as the funding was only finalised last night, but The Stapleford Town Team are holding an open meeting on Thursday 23rd February at the Sanctuary Coffee House from 5.30-8pm. 

You can pop along to find out more details about the Free WiFi and other projects the Stapleford Town Team are currently looking into. 

07 Dec 2016

Stapleford Christmas Lights Switch On, Your Feedback Required. 

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Anna Soubry MP is asking for your feedback following the recent Stapleford Christmas Lights Event. 

She informs us that she has had some adverse feedback about the Stapleford event and would like to hear your views too. 

Could you please include your name and address when contacting the MP as she can only deal with comments from residents of Broxtowe. 

You can email you MP at

The Stapleford Town Team would also welcome your views toon if you would be kind to copybyhem into the email.

Please copy in the Stapleford Town Team at

28 Oct 2016

Free Social Media Training For Stapleford Businesses 

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The Stapleford Town Team and SWA Design have put together two Free Social Media Training sessions. 

Taking place at PinnPoint, 31 Nottingham Road , Stapleford. Opposite The Meeting Place. 

Please email for further details. 

16 Sep 2016

Stapleford Christmas Event 2016, Needs Your Help.

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Image result for stapleford christmas

A meeting took place earlier this morning between Councillor Shane Easom, Chair of the Leisure, Parks and Cemeteries Committee, The Town Team Manager, The Events Manager and Stapleford Councillor Richard MacRae.


03 Jul 2016

Stapleford Community Defibrillator, Thank You To All Who Donated.

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Great news, we have raised the £999 required for the Stapleford Community Defibrillator which will be installed outside The West End Pub. 


27 Jun 2016

The Nottingham Has Become A Safe Places After Attending A Training Session

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The Nottingham Building Society has become one of the businesses in Stapleford to take the ‘Safe Places’ training allowing vulnerable people with learning disabilities a safe place to go if they get into trouble or feel unsafe, frightened or bullied.

The training session was organised by Stapleford Community Group and the Stapleford Town Team and ran by Nottingham Mencap.

We would like to thank the Stapleford Salvation Army who kindly allowed us to use the Cage behind Nicely Saved Charity Shop to host the train session. 

9 out of 10 people with learning disabilities have experienced a hate incident over the last year;  this affects their ability to access businesses and services, (e.g. shops and Sports Centres) in the community and lead a full life.

How does the Safe Places scheme work?

A vulnerable person (such as a learning disability) carries a Safe Places Help Card with their name and emergency contact details. Public premises (like shops, libraries, police stations,  pubs) sign up to be officially known as a ‘Safe Place’ for vulnerable people.  If a person needs help when they are in the community, they can show their Help card to a member of staff in a Safe Place.  Someone will then call their emergency contact or the Police, depending on what the problem is.

Want to become a Safe Place?

We are building a network of Safe Places across the County and City to support vulnerable people access community life.

A Safe Place is a place or business in the community where vulnerable people can go when they are in distress.

What are we asking Organisations and Businesses to do?

Display a Safe Places sticker in the window where it is clearly visible.

Safe Place SQUARE StickersmallEnsure all your staff are aware at the scheme and what is expected of them. Offer a calm and reassuring environment.  Offer the vulnerable person a seat in a public part of the building.

When the individual feels better, ask if they have a Stay Safe Card and try to find our what the problem is.

Call the contact numbers on the Help Card.

The individual may not have a card, if this is the case try and find out who to call.

Allow the individual to wait until help arrives. If you suspect a crime has been committed or someone has been hurt please call 999.

Advantages to the Safe Place Host

  • Increased footfall in the business or service
  • A good reputation for customer service – helping vulnerable people access and enjoy business and services in the community.
  • Listing on the Nottingham Mencap website.
  • Increased contact with the Police Service in a non-emergency capacity.


To help us establish where there is the greatest need for a Safe Place we will be asking you to fill in a basic log sheet.  A member of the Smile! Stop Hate Crime team will ask you to send the log sheet through to us each month.  We will make regular calls to see how the scheme is going and to answer any questions.

In addition our Safe Places Champions will be visiting all the Safe Places as Mystery Shoppers to see how things are going.  We are, of course, willing to share our feedback with you.

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